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How To Brand Yourself

We're now in a digital age where everything we say and do is being seen. In the last few years of being a college student myself, I've heard young women wanting to become their own boss. Women want to set their own hours, ideas and build their "brand." If you're a college woman life myself that constantly sees beauty, style, and brand ambassadors on social media, you think to yourself "How do I get there?" The answer is knowing how to brand yourself so you can become your own boss!

A few days ago, I went to my third academic talk this semester and let's just say it was inspirational for me to write this piece. The topic, of course, was about branding yourself. I'm going to incorporate the keynotes speakers ideas with my very own.

1. Have a firm handshake:

When you are building your brand or just trying to create a professional look for yourself you want to have a firm handshake. My mom would always tell me a firm handshake means you're serious about business. You want to let the other person know what you're trustworthy and that you care about meeting that particular person.

2. Look at people in the eye:

You want to look at every person you come across and look them in the eye. Not only is it etiquette way, but you don't want to give the person you're speaking to any indication that you're not serious or don't care. You want to make that person feel heard.

3. Don't post things on social media that you'll regret:

This is a BIG FACTOR in how you brand yourself. Social media is a tool to lift your brand up or tear it down. Don't post anything on social media that you will regret or make you look bad. Look at it like this, if you don't want your parents or your boyfriend's parents to find out what you're doing, then don't post it. It can seriously ruin how people perceive you.

4. Always be active with people who follow your brand:

Remember that people do not have to look at your life every day on social media or through their TV screen. They can always choose to watch someone else's brand. Without them, you wouldn't be able to be your own boss and grow the brand you want. Be appreciative of your followers.

5. What is your brand?

Think about your brand and what you stand for. Do you want to be about Fashion? Politics? or Makeup? Think about your brand because you will have to stick with it so your followers and companies don't get confused. I would recommend talking to someone from a marketing or branding aspect. They can refer to you on how to brand yourself and start thinking of ways to promote yourself.

That is all that I have for you this week! Do you have any ideas on branding for your fellow girl gang on here? Let me know! I would love to hear your ideas. Remember, be your own boss!


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