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Handling College Stress

In the past 4 weeks, I’ve probably never been so busy in school. I honestly thought that junior year was bad but to be honest, senior year is worse. You’re setting up your life but also have a million people asking what you’re doing after graduation.

Not only do you have a million things going on at once with trying to figure out your actual life - you have school, poking at your shoulder like “what about me.”

Ever since I’ve entered college, I’ve always felt stressed. The stress of school, friends, family, and even the dinner I’m going to eat that night. I’ve never been good at handling stress and somehow I think I mastered it. Keyword: “think.”

However, I wanted to talk about how to handle your stress in college.

I think it’s funny when high schoolers “stress” because college is a whole different game. First, let’s talk about your immune system and self-care.

Take care of yourself first.

This means remembering to eat, hydrate and put a face mask on, or whatever makes you feel better. I will admit, I’m horrible at this considering I sometimes forget to eat when I’m so busy, and I have to remind myself. As long as you’re eating and keeping up with your body, your immune system should not break down and prevent you from getting sick. A steady diet can increase your energy levels and lower your stress altogether.

Get emotional support.

Always have your best friends by your side and even your parents. This may sound cheesy, but I don’t know how many times I’ve ugly cried on FaceTime, thinking my life was over because of all the stress. If you can’t find a trusted person to talk about the ups and downs, I suggest seeking your student health center for recommendations.

Try not to overload yourself.

It's funny while I’m typing this because I’m the queen of piling things on my schedule even though I don’t need to but seriously, it’s ok to say no to things. Between classes, jobs, and outside activities, just take a break for your physical and mental self.

Don’t give up on yourself and what you love.

I’m a double major so I would know. I don’t know how many times I’ve doubted myself or asked, “Why did I do this to myself” but I promise as long as you stick it out, you will be so proud and happy with yourself. Try to work with groups and use on-campus resources to help release that stress when it comes to your studies.

Going to college and having a million things to do can definitely cause stress, but until you try to control that stress, then you won’t have an enjoyable experience. Look at these strategies, come up with your own methods, or do some research on other methods. I know many who do yoga, meditate and use essential oils to help. Find your niche and you’ll be able to kick stress’s butt.


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