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Hailey Bieber channels Princess Diana in iconic Vogue photoshoot we didn't know we needed

Updated: May 26, 2020

Even decades after her passing, Princess Diana remains loved and adored by people across the globe. She is remembered for her kindness, charity and iconic style, whether she was on-the-clock or off-duty. (But honestly, is a Princess ever really off-duty?) As Princess of Wales, she reshaped the mold of how royalty should dress. She stepped out of the incredibly conservative box and dared to be different, bolder, and truly herself. With every look, she nailed the perfect amount of modesty mixed with a dash of daring, and that is what made her royal style so memorable.

Her fashion legacy lives on in 2019 as Hailey Bieber channeled Princess Diana for a recent photo shoot for Vogue Paris. Styled by Virginie Benarroch and shot by Gregory Harris, Bieber recreated looks from Princess Di’s famous street style: biker shorts, oversized crewneck sweatshirts, and white sneakers. Emulating a Princess on-the-go, Bieber multi-tasks by digging through her black purse and carrying keys in her mouth as she walks down the street. In true Princess fashion, Bieber sports dazzling jewelry with the athleisure look.

We have seen a resurgence of bike shorts in fashion recently, with celebrities like the Kardashians and Gigi Hadid rocking the trend. If this is a train you want to get on, check out Aerie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Lululemon or Target for different options!

Bieber and the team that worked on this photoshoot are not the only ones inspired by Princess Diana’s style. Recently, one of her sweatshirts was auctioned for over $50,000 – a high price for a sweatshirt but a steal for something that belonged to our beloved Fashion Queen. Pieces of her clothing are often featured in exhibits and museums. In the summer of 2018, I studied abroad in London and was fortunate to see her dress collection on display at Kensington Palace.

The exhibit was called “Diana: Her Fashion Story” and there were well over 40 pieces, each with details about the designer, inspiration of the design, and where she wore it. On the walls were sketches done for Diana, some she even worked on herself. She paid attention to detail and knew the importance of her decisions in what to wear as the eyes of the world were on her. I left the exhibit with tears rolling down my face because I was so moved. Check out a few photos I took at the “Diana: Her Fashion Story” exhibit below!

I am one of many who look up to Princess Diana for reasons beyond her royalty. She was a champion of spreading kindness to people of all backgrounds. So not only should we emulate her fashion style but her way of treating others as well. She captured the world with her charm, and she will always be remembered for it. Her timeless and elegant style is still incredibly relevant today and will continue to inspire generations to come.


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