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Updated: May 26, 2020

In the world of fashion, it is common to see old trends make their way back into the spotlight. This season, the 2000s/grunge style is the “new” wave, nostalgic of the many stars we saw on TV as children, such as Christina Aguilera or Mary-Kate and Ashley.

It is also the inspiration for many of the looks we see today—even on the runway. Mini-skirts, platform combat boots, and choker necklaces can be attributed to the grunge aesthetic. Although it is an edgy approach to fashion, it is also very ambiguous and can be made to fit anyone’s style.

"To us, grunge and the 2000s were all about rejecting the idea that you're 'supposed' to be any certain way," said Madison Wathen, a manager at Street Scene. "It's about expressing that idea outwardly through the way that you dress."

KRNL’s goal for this photoshoot is to showcase just how relatable this style can be to the everyday fashion of students here on campus.

To fully embrace the “recycled” trend, the stylist team chose to use the following vendors: POPS Resale, Goodwill and Street Scene. These are all local vintage/thrift stores that have the hidden gems to take you back to any decade of fashion.

The stylist team has put together ensembles to reflect the 2000s/grunge aesthetic in a very fashion-forward way. In every outfit pictured, there are specific details that allow you to pick apart what aspects of this trend could fit into your wardrobe.

"Our mission with Street Scene has always been to make people feel like they can be whoever they want to be and find unique pieces to reflect their heart and soul," Wathen said.

Photo by Jade Grisham.


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