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Go BIG or go home.

You can tell a lot about a person just based on what kind of shoes they wear, or even how they tie their laces. We all have insecurities that we wish we could change or even outgrow at some point, but what if some can be fixed? Makeup, for example, covers up what was once shown. For me, I wish I was tall. Yes, I know that is not something women wish for often, but everyone has their own feelings about what shows character nowadays.

Being short has always been something I’ve wanted to change about myself, but it is not one of those things that you can work towards. I became extremely fascinated by big shoes and how they didn’t need to be explained because they were just cool. In the beginning, I will admit, I was shy to wear my first pair of platforms because it was the first day of senior year in high school, but I decided to anyway. We all took pictures and had a nice breakfast, and once we all walked into school, I felt empowered. I never felt too much in the situation because no matter who liked to stare or talk about it, it was just enough for me.

After my first day of school, I became obsessed with my newfound feeling of confidence and began my search for all different kinds of unique shoes. I learned that everyone has their own way of expressing confidence, and being extra has become a personality trait. Most platforms are extremely expressive, but even if you cannot afford them, it is still fun to look at. Pinterest has been a great way for me to create boards or find new unique shoes that I find inspiration from.

Being short is one thing that I will not let bring me down because I know I can just throw a pair of big shoes on and feel like myself again!


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