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FASHION: The Timeless Edit

Story by Rachel Porter and Rachael Courtney

Photos by Isaac Janssen, Amber Ritschel and Michael Clubb

What makes a film?

Photo by Isaac Janssen

One might say the actors, another the music or the setting.

Those in fashion, however, would disagree.

The impact of fashion is shown through Halloween and costume parties, but also in everyday style— without many people realizing it. Popular films have caused consumers to flock to stores to try to replicate their favorite actor's or actress's fashion.

If one could define this generation’s style, it would be a very intricate answer. The trends and style that society currently holds could be defined as a mixture of decades, from the 1920s to the early 2000s, and films have definitely contributed to this.

We aimed to show the influence and power of iconic fashion moments in films, but through this generation's lens. It's our new take on classics.

Collectively, we decided to use films that our parents rave about, ones that we watched in film class and maybe ended up actually liking, and ones that most of the world know and love. We took on The Godfather, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rocky, Saturday Night Fever, and The Breakfast Club.

To bring together the classic look with a modern one, we used two vendors: Street Scene, a local vintage clothing store, and Macy’s, an upscale department store that carries the latest trends.

“I think the film industry affects what a person buys because film characters connect with the audience in an emotional way," said Jennifer Maggard, Macy's stylist. "The viewer may want to emulate the character or already feel connected in some way. Typically when we shop we are drawn to clothing that is a recreation of something we had in the past or something that we have seen in a movie— and now social media.”

Rocky. Photo by Isaac Janssen.
Champion men's fleece hoodie and men's shorts.

Outfit by Street Scene. Photo by Michael Clubb.
Photo by Isaac Janssen

Photo by Isaac Janssen

Outfits by Macy's. Photo by Amber Ritschel.
Outfit by Street Scene. Photo by Amber Ritschel.


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