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Ed Hardy is making a comeback

History repeats itself in different varieties of life, and the fashion world is no exception. We all know that fashion trends are “recyclable;” one era of trends that we have seen make a huge comeback over the last year or two is the “y2k” era. Styles that were popular in the early 2000s are back and better than ever in 2022.

Growing up in the early 2000s, I have always been super fascinated and inspired by the trends that were present at the time. My parents were teenagers when I was born, so they were definitely rocking the prime y2k era styles. One style that I specifically remember was the Ed Hardy brand. Let’s talk about some of the top pieces carried by Ed Hardy and how they might make a comeback soon.

One of the major things Ed Hardy is famous for is their denim pieces. Ranging from blue jeans to denim skirts to denim-canvased trucker hats, y2k denim has played a huge role in the success of Ed Hardy. Oftentimes, the denim pieces are painted with the brand's name as well as depictions of big cats, like panthers and tigers.

Another super trendy product made by Ed Hardy is their variety of tops. Most times, these are graphic tees that will showcase the same prints and phrases seen on their denim pieces. The tees range in style from cropped “baby tees” to longer tees. Their tops in general can range from tank tops to short-sleeve tees to long sleeve tees. Typically, these aren’t oversized—rather, they are usually pretty form-fitting. However, they can sometimes be long and tight enough to be worn as a mini dress. While not seen as often as their tees, jackets have also made their debut on the Ed Hardy scene.

The last type of piece I want to discuss is Ed Hardy’s trucker hats. As you know, we have already seen an increase in the wearing of trucker hats in the last year or so. The thing about Ed Hardy hats is that they are covered in the brand’s unique designs. Further, they are often paired with an Ed Hardy top and/or pant, topping off a full look composed entirely of the iconic brand.

Now, why is all of this important? Why am I describing every piece offered by a brand that was popular in the 90s and early 2000s? I am telling you everything you need to know about Ed Hardy because it is making a comeback in 2022! Y2k trends are on the rise again, and this brand is no exception. The main thing that makes the brand so unique and iconic is the fact that on pretty much every Ed Hardy piece, regardless of what type, you can expect to see painted-on phrases, tigers, panthers, hearts, skulls, flowers and more. These indications of the brand being printed onto each item make it recognizable and desirable. Furthermore, the brand is super fun and out of the ordinary. With the recent trends of everything beige and “modern farmhouse” decor, people are ready to get back out of their comfort zones and experiment with color and eccentric designs.

Several of us at KRNL are expecting an Ed Hardy comeback this year. We’re here for it—are you?


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