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College Fashion Week - Boston

Updated: May 26, 2020

Imagine this, the front row of a fashion show in a big city. You were given a VIP Press pass, loaded up with goodies and treats to watch the new line of Primark flow across the stage. That picture that I have created in your head was me living my best life at the HerCampus x CollegeFashionista College Fashion Week, Boston, Show.

So much excitement filled the air as I woke up at 4:00 am and was picked up at my sorority house by my big to begin my journey. Even though I was awake at an ungodly hour, I was so thrilled to begin my adventure, that I wasn't even tired. I went from Lexington to Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia to Boston where my caffeine and sugar-loaded journey really took off.

Upon landing at 10:00 am, I treated myself to my fourth large Diet Coke of the day and ordered my Uber to head towards Boston Commons. Once settled in my hotel I had some time to venture out into the city before I had to start getting ready. As I walked throughout the city, I found my way to Love Art Sushi where I got the best poke bowl and boba tea I have ever had. Following my first meal of the day, I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts to grab my favorite latte to boost me up.

As I re-entered my hotel, I turned up the new Post Malone album and began to get ready for what I would later find to be one of the best nights of my educational path. Once ready, I grabbed another Diet Coke. Yes, at this point I am aware I have a caffeine problem - don't tell my mom.

I was then on my way to the event.

I was greeted by smiling faces lining the check-in tables where I was given my first goodie bag of the night along with my Primark gift card so that I could shop the new line.

Primark, Red Bull, Venmo, Disney, Nair, Bastille, Conair, Innisfree, Shea Moisture and Buxom were just some of the amazing brands that I got to visit with before the show. I received so many wonderful gifts but my absolute favorite was my custom teeshirt from Primark where I could pick one of their designs from the show.

All of the brands and goodies had me excited like no other, but the caffeine addict in me loved the Red Bull refrigerators around the event where I could get my favorite Sugar-Free Red Bull to enjoy during the show.

As I settled into my front row - center staged chair - I was amazed by what was before my eyes. Primark showed off their new lines that included their Branded Monosport, 90's Grunge, and A Neutral Position lines.

After the show closed down, I was invited to the Red Bull Rooftop After Party which was spectacularly designed. I only stayed for a short time because I had a flight at 3:00 am and needed to pack for my trip back to Lexington, which would consist of even more caffeine and sugar - are you surprised?

Overall, my time spent in Boston with HerCampus and Primark was far beyond my already-high expectations. The air was filled with glorious loads of excitement and passion while I was in my seat witnessing the creativity in front of me.

I would highly recommend attending one of their shows, even if you are not a "fashion major." It is truly astonishing how much of an impact these companies have in the world to put on a show as they did. They will finish up the College Fashion Week for their 8th time, in New York City.


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