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Cheap Gift Ideas for This Giving Season

As college students, we joke about being “broke college kids." While I hope no one is truly broke, there will be a strain on financials as students start to buy gifts for friends, family, and significant others for Christmas.

Being a more sentimental person compared to preferring to receive grandeur gifts, it always means so much more to me when someone personalizes a gift for me without breaking their bank. Some of these meaningful and (hopefully) cheaper gift ideas will relieve you of stress and make a deep connection with whoever receives them.

Goodwill Jewelry/Accessories

This is a great opportunity to buy a large number of things for cheap! The other day I was in a consignment shop in my hometown and saw some rings for $2. I had the idea of buying 6 on top of what I had picked out for myself and use them as gifts for my friend group during Christmas. Instead of picking out something super specialized for each of them, I thought I would let them decide which ring they liked the most and pick out their own. You can do this with rings, hair scarves, or even pins to put on backpacks or purses.

Framed paintings

Have a talent for creativity? What’s more sentimental than receiving a handmade gift from someone you love? An idea I’m wanting to try is to find cheap frames from the Dollar Store and frame a painted, watercolored, or calligraphed quote, verse, or song lyric.


This is a website where tons of deals are available for restaurants, businesses, and experiences. Maybe planning a trip or a night out is something you’d like to give someone this year. If that’s the case, I recommend browsing Groupon for local things to enjoy on a budget. Once my mom and I painted pottery together using a Groupon, and that experience meant so much to me.

Serving your family or friends for a whole weekend.

Maybe money isn’t something you can use this holiday, but instead, it’s your time and love. The chaos of life keeps many from enjoying it to the fullest, which is a reason why I have always thought of serving others as a heartfelt and meaningful gift. I think this idea is more geared towards our families and parents, who have done so much for us. This giving season, bless them with rest, peace, and an empty to-do list for a weekend.

Writing a letter.

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Some of our loved ones would much rather receive our loving words than anything material. Another way to express appreciation and gratitude for special people while on a tight budget, writing a letter is the best route.


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