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Being in touch

Lately, I have felt more in touch... making me realize just how much I wasn’t before. But what really is being in touch? In touch with yourself? Your emotions? Those and what is around you? The definition is broad, but for me, it’s accepting change.

I have never been one to like change, nor take it lightly when it occurred. When I say change, I mean a change of people, a change of routine, a change of how you’re used to living your everyday life. That was always something that scared me and was hard to accept.

As I have started to embrace all the crazy changes in my life this past year, I have come to so many different realizations. Things like not letting others hold you back regardless of if you think they are or not and knowing your worth. Knowing you are always your own person, learning how to build yourself back up from struggles and knowing there will always be someone there. Whether it be my two best friends at home that helped me remember where home will always be or my four best friends at school that have shown me how to be the best version of myself, I have found my forever people. They’re the ones who have helped me embrace these changes, guiding me to be in touch with myself, my emotions and my surroundings. Constantly reminding me that change is okay, change happens and change is good.

Although being in touch is different for everyone, there is one common denominator: growth. Whether this is within yourself, your emotions or your environment, there is always room for growth. Despite this being a self-journey, a new step in a relationship, a way to become closer with your friends or even a random change of events, it comes down to the same goal.

Because of my unmatched friends, I am in touch with my ever-changing growth.


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