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Amazon Is My Safe Haven

Updated: May 26, 2020

I have always been someone with, let’s just say, a very expensive taste. If I go shopping, I am usually the person that will pick up the priciest piece, unfortunately. These moments can put a shopping addict and fashion freak like me in a bad mood. It scares me that I will not be up to date on trends or not have options to wear for certain events. Freshman year especially, I lacked the adrenal rush from shopping since I did not have my car or money. However, this all changed when I found my new talent: shopping on Amazon. Yes, shopping on Amazon has become one of my new talents that I have developed sitting in my dorm room. I wear clothes and accessories from Amazon pretty much all the time and constantly get the question: “Omg where did you get that shirt or pair of shoes?” I always answer with a laugh and just say “Amazon.” I mean I should really just be sponsored at this point. Other people can say they have this talent, too, and they might, but I specifically have an eye for finding clothes on Amazon that look similar to the expensive ones you have been wanting in stores.

Perfected outfits from Amazon require patience and practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. A lot of people are scared to buy clothes from Amazon or have had not so fun experiences, but that is why patience and practice are key. When searching for a piece you have in mind, you need to be specific. For example, if you are searching for chunky sneakers, you cannot just type “sneakers” or a million results will pop up and it will be very overwhelming. You must type “chunky sneakers.” If you do not see what you want appearing on the screen, still click a similar style that you like. After this scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the section that says, “customers who viewed this item also viewed.” This part of Amazon has been a life saver for me that I had completely overlooked in the past. It helps direct me to other items that either was not on the screen from the original search or even similar styles that were sold out. This will just continue to show you new clothes that you are not seeing; like I said this definitely requires some digging, but fun digging, to say the least.

Also, READ THE REVIEWS. This is very important in the Amazon shopping process. Majority of the time, the reviews show pictures of how the outfits look on or how they fit different body types. This will save you time and money if you just simply read the reviews. Sizing is different for each clothing store that uses Amazon. This should help from not having to sadly return a potential fire outfit.

These outfits you are buying may not be the designer or expensive ones you wanted, but we have to realize we are in college and not social media influencers or Youtubers, at least not yet. They are convenient, affordable, and stylish. What more could we need as young adults? I have a pair of chunky sneakers that look like Balenciaga’s and am not ashamed to say they are in fact not. I am proud to say, that yes I got these dupes for $25 on Amazon and they came in two days. I want my first pair of designer sneakers or purse to be something that I truly have worked for, so right now I will settle with Amazon and keep on working!

The pictures attached are just some of the fabulous pieces I have bought from Amazon! (They have the best two-piece sets).


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