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A Beginner's Guide To Essential Oils

Upon making the decision to start using essential oils, getting familiar with each oil’s benefits is an important first step in the right direction. In this article, I want to highlight some of the popular essential oils that can be incorporated into your lifestyle and everyday routine. Some you may have heard of and some you haven’t, but with the insight from and my own experience, I hope you leave this page knowing more about popular oils and their benefits.

Lavender is one of my personal favorites--it just smells so relaxing! But the great thing is that actually helps with relaxation, too. Lavender oil also soothes sunburns and stops insect bites from itching.

Peppermint is like a burst of energy for the brain, making it an important oil for college students for those late nights spent studying or a substitute for coffee. It’s one that I can diffuse in the background of my apartment all day and not get tired of. Peppermint oil is also great for muscle and joint pain relief; it can be diluted using a carrier, such as coconut oil, for a feeling similar to Bio-freeze or Icy-Hot without the added chemicals.

Orange is for those of us who love citrus smells and staying on our health A-game. This oil is packed with Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and promote skin appearance and texture. Here’s a tip: Add some to your daily moisturizer.

Eucalyptus will forever be my favorite oil to use! I just love the rejuvenating way it makes me feel, which makes sense due to its fighting properties against upper respiratory infections, like a cold or asthma, and fevers. It’s a definite go-to during the end of winter and start of spring! Even in the summer season, eucalyptus should be by your side at all times because it can serve as an insect repellent for ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas.

Rosemary isn’t just powerful in the kitchen, it can be powerful in improving our health in many ways. If added to shampoo, it can promote hair growth and treat dry scalp. Struggling with blood circulation or mental fatigue? Start incorporating rosemary oil into your beauty and health routines, not just your diet.

Geranium Rose has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, allowing it the top spot on girl’s best friend list for the week. When rubbed on the abdomen and lower back, this oil can ease menstrual cramping and provide all-natural relief.

While it’s an important first step to be knowledgeable about their benefits, you can take your essential oil journey down many different paths. Be sure to check out the article “Essential Oils: What Can You Use Them For?” for a few ideas about the ways essential oils can change the way you go about your health and beauty routines.


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