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5 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Sweater

Some of us love wearing our favorite pair of jeans, some of us love wearing our favorite pair of sneakers, and some of us love sweaters. That person is me.

Sweaters are my personal favorite fashion statement. Whether your statement is wearing your sweater in a way that says, "Look at me in my cute cropped sweater, I'm a fun person!" or "Leave me alone, I don't want to speak to anyone for four months." I can assure you there are at least five ways to speak your mind through some wool.

Five Ways to Wear Your Favorite Sweater

1. Having my sweater tied off to the side (or front) is my personal favorite way to style my sweaters. I usually do this to sweaters that I have bought in a size up than my normal. That way, I can be sure the sweater will have extra textile at the bottom to tie up in a cute flirty and fun knot.

2. Wearing our sweater off the shoulder is a discreet way to either give off lazy vibes or to give off a more dressy feel. Pairing your favorite slouchy sweater with a cute bralette will seriously top off this look. Personally, my favorite lacy bralettes are from Aerie and PINK!


3.There is something about wearing a sweater around your waist paired with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt that gives off a playful vibe. Whether you're in a rush or a hurry, or just want to dabble with the latest trends, wearing your favorite sweater around your waist will never go out of style.

4. A cardigan sweater is a staple item that I will not let be forgotten. I absolutely love wearing cardigans even in the summer. A light flowy cardigan over a tube top and a pair of jean shorts is a look to die for.

5. At the end of the day, sometimes we just want to put on a big fuzzy sweater with a comfy pair of black leggings because we just don't care anymore. This look is the ultimate way to let others know you can be comfy, yet stylish simultaneously.


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