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5 Tips To Swipe Right For Mr. Right

Do you ever get annoyed with the basic messages on Tinder or Bumble or the guy you thought looked nice, and they ended up just wanting a hookup but you’re looking for more? Because that has been one of my biggest problems involving dating apps. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid those players without getting played.

• Avoid No descriptions

Now you’re probably like duh that makes sense, but sometimes we see a cute face and think maybe he’s nice or there's something in his profile pic, but having absolutely no description or just the year he Graduates isn’t enough. You can’t tell what his intentions are when there’s nothing about him but three or four photos. So just say thank you, next to that cutie.

• He has a pet in his picture, but doesn’t bring them up in his description

This is a pretty good trick because some guys think just because there’s something cute and fluffy that you’re going to be more interested in him. If he does mention the cute pup in his description, then that’s one step closer to knowing he’s not trying to deceive you to get what he wants.

• You never see his eyes in the picture

One thing I’ve noticed in some guys profile pictures, they are always in sunglasses in their photos, and that to me says he doesn’t want you to really know who he is. Which if he can’t show you his eyes it makes me wonder what else is he trying to hide, or he may just be catfishing.

• He has a different girl by his side in every picture

This to me automatic throws off the player vibe he wants you to think he’s with a different girl every night so that you know he doesn’t need you, which is not the message a person who wants a healthy relationship sends. He also sends out the idea that you should fight for him and girl there are many men who will want you more than this one will.

• His picture doesn’t match the description

If he says he loves the outdoors, but there are no pictures of him hiking in his description he’s going for basic grabs that most people like. Another example is he’s a “homebody” but all of his pictures are at a party with his bros, there is nothing wrong with an extrovert, it’s when the picture and the description don’t add up.

• He is showing off a possession or he’s flexing in every picture

When he’s doing this it pretty much shows “I’m way too into myself or this object to focus on you” or he’s showing some false bravado. It is one thing to be proud of your accomplishments it's another to be too self-involved

Now this doesn’t mean there aren’t good guys out there because there are, and if you want to use these apps for casual purposes then go ahead, but if you are looking for a meaningful relationship keep in mind these tips. Now that doesn't mean that every guy who falls under one of these couldn’t be a great boyfriend, it's more of a guideline to rule out the ones that are after only one thing.

I hope these tips were helpful if there are any more you can think of comment below! Good Luck swiping!


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