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5 Creative Activities To Do With Your BFFS

I am a creative person at heart and I always love doing artsy projects with my friends, so I thought I’d share with you my top five favorites to do with my BFFs

1.Painting Pottery

This one is great because there are so many things you can paint and Lexington has an awesome place the Mad Potter. I’ve gone there a lot this past year and have made some really cool and creative pieces. Also if you want to make your bestie something for her birthday or maybe you both have someone who needs a gift it’s really fun and it comes from a special place.

2. Baking

You definitely want help on this project because I like to bake from scratch and that takes some time. You have tons of options from cupcakes to brownies, even a pie, and you can have fun decorating as well. After all that you can eat your masterpiece because it will be so delicious!

3. DIY Clothing

Another fun artsy activity is DIY clothing, all you need is something you want to amp up whether it be an old tee shirt or a plain pair of sneakers, and you can truly make something creative. One thing you can do is buy a pair of shoes some sharpies and just have at it, and it’s not super expensive if you buy some cheap shoes. Hopefully, it'll make your feet dance with fun shoe designs.

4. Refurbishing A Furniture Piece

This project is great especially if you and your girlfriends live together you can find an old coffee table, lamp, or dresser and give it your own take. You can make it rustic or maybe add some glam whatever style you’re into it will shine in your own piece. This is really great because it will bring your group together and you can have a fun day with your girls!

5. Facials Or Manicures

Whichever you like treat each other with something relaxing. They make DIY facial kits at the store or you can go online. There are many different recipes that use ingredients from home. You can also do some relaxing with at home manicures all you need is a file, lotion, and your favorite nail polish and you can create a relaxing girls night with either of these activities.

Hopefully, you and your friends can have some fun with these creative activities.

Let me know down in the comments!


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