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2021 Grammy review and best dressed - Amber Harris edition!

Sunday, March 14, 2021, the Grammys were in full swing despite the pandemic. However, do not let the glitz and glamour fool you! This award ceremony was CDC guidelines-approved with social distancing measures in place, an outside venue and masks!

As someone who only sometimes watched the Grammys and only somewhat knows what goes on inside of the music world, this year was different. Maybe it was because music was the only thing I could try to enjoy this year without any repercussions or maybe it was a simpler reason...everyone put out good music this year! However, the awards won were only some of the wins that happened this year. In my opinion, the performances and fashion were the best. Here are what I thought were the best performances and looks of the 2021 Grammy Awards!

Starting with performances, here are my top FOUR of the night where I thought each person performed extremely well and was breathtaking:

Dua Lipa. I mean, come on. The outfits she performed in and how she so easily was able to do changes mid-performance was beautiful and I’m a sucker for pink! Plus, the whole aesthetic of her performance and how it relates back to her "Future Nostalgia" album was wonderful! 10/10 loved everything about it.

Harry Styles! Of course, the show stopper himself had to be the best pick when it came to who was going to open the 2021 Grammy Awards this year. Plus, Styles did not disappoint! I love his energy on stage and how simple yet fun everything is when he is performing.

Taylor Swift, the queen of "Folklore" herself, performed a medley of songs from that album. It was extremely nice to hear her perform live since no one got the opportunity to see her on tour this year. I also enjoyed her background set and how it paid homage to the Taylor-Swift-era theme referenced in the "Lover" music video.

Silk Sonic performed their new single "Leave the Door Open" for the first time in front of a public crowd which was amazing to hear! When I say they sounded the exact same and maybe even better than they do on Spotify, it is true! I enjoyed the background and the strong '70s aesthetic with the brown and orange tones.

Moving on to the best-dressed selection of my blog post, I’ll only be highlighting three people who I think really brought it this year for the 2021 Grammys. In no particular order, here my picks:

Dua Lipa wore a Versace gown covered in beautiful pink, green, clear/white and purple crystals with a lovely deep V-neckline. On top of that, this dress had a sheer element and cutouts. All in all, 10/10 for the final look she wore on the red carpet and to the award show!

Ingrid Andress. Now, personally, I do not think I have listened to any music created by her and I really don’t know what genre of music she identifies with. BUT, I will still personally say with my chest full that SHE SLAYED with that all-white pantsuit with an underneath crystal element by Giorgio Armani.

Taylor Swift wore an Oscar de la Renta dress decked out with floral prints and I personally stan and support a colorful queen! This look was beautiful on her and complimented everything well!

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