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You Glow, Girl

There are two things every twenty-year-old girl dreams about: meeting Harry Styles and glowy skin. Well, since meeting Harry Styles isn’t as easy as we all wish it were, then clear skin should be fairly easy to attain. I’ve gone through many different types of face wash and skin care routines, but I haven’t found one that I absolutely love. This past Christmas, I asked for multiple Glossier products after hearing a lot of hype about it and figured it was worth trying. I fell in love with it!!

The first product that I had asked for was the Skincare Set. Glossier has a set of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom; an ingenious move on their part. This set is the perfect skincare routine. The cleanser is creamy, and the moisturizer is silky on your skin after a fresh wash. The balm dotcom works wonders on chapped or cracked lips. This set is the best investment a gal can make.

The second skin care product that I love is the Super Pure Serum. It’s a Niacinamide face serum. (What the heck does that mean?!) It’s a serum with vitamin B3, which is soothing to any source of redness. I find the serum to be helpful with purifying and soothing my skin. It also is great with reducing any common redness. I saw results within the first couple of days after my first use.

Glossier doesn’t only specialize in skincare, but also makeup! Their makeup is creamy, which creates a beautiful, dewy look. I got the Lidstar Duo in shades of Cub and Fawn. These eye shadow creams are sparkly, pigmented, and flawless. All of their products help create a natural look that has a little sparkle.

I am very excited to keep investing in more products. I already started a cart with their Makeup Set (Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and Lash Slick), the Haloscope Highlighter, and Perfecting Skin Tint!

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