Winter Street Style Looks

Spring break is getting closer and closer and while many people are preparing to go to the beach, I’m heading north to Boston, MA.

So... I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a couple of the winter street style looks that I love.

Street style, for me, is an everyday go-to because it makes it so easy to put an outfit together that is both trendy and comfortable, which is perfect when you’re walking around all day on campus.

For a more put together look, a turtleneck layered with a puffer coat is a total classic. Pair this with your favorite jeans and some booties (or for me a trendy hiker boot) and you have the perfect blend between casual and sophisticated. To give the look a little pop, accessorize with a bright colored beanie and/or a statement earring or necklace.

But I know there are definitely those mornings where effort doesn’t really fit in with the schedule. That being said, it doesn’t mean I want to look like I just rolled out of bed. On these days, my goal is to give off a “cute but not trying” vibe, while also feeling super comfortable in my clothing. To achieve this, I like to throw on a pair of loose joggers. They’re warm, cozy, and very trendy. They can be matched with literally anything whether it be a sweater, hoodie, tee, or even a crop top (if it’s not too chilly outside). Simply throw on a warm teddy coat and some sneakers and you’ve completed the perfect throw-on-and-go street style look.

Overall, street style isn’t meant to follow any strict guidelines. It’s urban and somewhat modern, but it is unique to the individual. So with this article, I hope to encourage you to explore your own kind of street style.