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Will Joseph Cook's 'Something To Feel Good About (Part One)' album review

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

English pop artist Will Joseph Cook is closing off the summer by releasing the first part of his second album “Something To Feel Good About.” The full album is set to release Nov. 27 but Cook chose to release three new songs along with three previously released singles as an official end to summer 2020.

Cook, via Instagram, described the six songs as “a summer of love and dysphoria,” and I don’t think there’s a better way to put it. The title track, “Something To Feel Good About” dances around the topic of being with someone, even on their bad days; you want to be with that person and make them feel better no matter the circumstances. The third single released from the album, “Be Around Me,” is also about just wanting to be with someone; even when you aren’t doing well, you’re still thinking about that person all the time, and thinking about them makes you feel better. Listening to the six songs all together takes you through Cook's love story. You find him trying to win over the girl with “10X MORE FUN,” thinking he got the girl with “She Likes Me,” being confused and not knowing what he wants with “Driverless Car,” and being happy and wanting nothing else but to be with that person with “Be Around Me.”

Even if you aren’t someone who is into love songs, “Something To Feel Good About” is still a good album to consider adding to your library. Cook creates true pop music, something you have stuck in your head all day and want to listen to a couple of times on repeat. All the songs are super upbeat and can be fast-paced. I really like that Cook makes it feel like there’s someone on the other side of the conversation. It feels like there are two people involved in the song and it really tells a story. He uses a lot of “you” language and you can tell that Cook had someone in mind whenever he was writing these songs. In “Be Around Me,” the fourth verse is a conversation with himself, going back and forth in a higher-pitched voice insinuating it’s supposed to be a woman. You can picture the conversation in your head and see the story come to life.

I love what Cook has done with the album so far. It feels new and fresh while still being able to tell it’s a Will Joseph Cook song. I hope that he continues to tell this story of his love life and write happy love songs that people can relate to in their own relationships. There are too many sad love songs out there and all of the happy ones are usually about breakups. Cook creates music that shows off all the good and happy parts of love you want to feel, while also making it catchy and something you can’t get tired of. I think “Something To Feel Good About” will be the album we needed to close off 2020.


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