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Why you should update your look right now

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Despite the fact that life hasn’t really been normal for anyone since early March, it seems innovative style has blown up on all social media. People are taking the extra time they have from canceled, modified, or moved-online activities to be creative and amplify their personal style, try new looks and trends, and really experiment with the way they dress and present themselves. Not to mention, we’re SO close to entering the best season in fashion: fall.

Fall is my favorite season, much like most other style addicts; the weather is optimal for allowing the creation of multi-dimensional looks, the fall wardrobe color palette complements any hair color and skin tone, and fall symbolizes (for many) the start of a new school year which prompts retailers to bring out their best and most fresh pieces.

On a deeper note, with everything that has been going on in all of our lives and the amount that has changed in the past six months, some of the most important things I have learned are to embrace individuality, always be yourself, satisfy your creative side, and most importantly, don’t wait to do any of those things. Due to this pandemic, most of our time has been spent in our own homes recently, meaning that taking a risk with your look is the easiest it has ever been because, for now, your only audience is yourself.

So, with that being said, cut and dye your hair, change your style completely, get bangs, get a piercing or a tattoo, try a look you never thought you would, do something different with your makeup. Now is the time to switch it up and glow up, so that when things finally return to normal, you can jump into your public comeback with confidence.


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