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Why I Write

I write because I feel empowered when I do…

I don’t write for the KRNL magazine or blog because I need it for my major, because it will look good on my resume, or I get a lot of recognition for it. I’m a health sciences major writing about fashion, music, and beauty. In high school, I knew that I had a level of comfort with words and always seemed to know how to organize them well on a page.

I don’t want to say this to sound boastful or prideful, but to remind everyone that it’s okay that you set time aside for yourself to do what you have a knack for. One of the best things for ourselves is to do a task for the sole purpose of doing it. Not to get a promotion or a high-five or gain favor, but because you enjoy it.

Having a hobby--whether it be writing, reading, painting, volunteering, photography, or anything that allows you to be expressive and creative--gives you a chance to focus your mind off of everyday things. A hobby can ease your mood, give you a sense of accomplishment and productivity, as well as shape your skill the more you do it. Think about an instrument: you won’t be great at first, granted, but once you get more confident and know how to play the notes, you can create melodies and play to yourself in an empty room if you wanted.

That’s me with writing. I love telling other peoples’ stories through the KRNL magazine. I like writing poetry in a journal. I love coming up with new ideas to share, and I love writing letters to my friends. The options are unlimited to what your hobby can look like. Make it your own and be empowered by it!

To those out there who haven’t made time for themselves lately, who haven’t invested in a hobby, or are happily settled into theirs, I encourage you to make it a point to take 10-30 minutes each day to enjoy themselves in that this week. Never forget to take care of yourself, too.


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