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Why Brunettes Can Pull Off Any Hair Color

We’ve all heard the sayings “blondes do it better” or “blondes have more fun.” This may be true, but I don’t think blondes can pull off any hair color, unlike brunettes. I can say this because I’ve had my fair share of experience. I am a brunette and I change my hair color way more often than my mother would like. I’ve done everything from pitch black, flaming red to blonde.

It’s very hard for blondes to go dark. Many blondes can’t pull off brown or black hair, because their skin tone gives away that they’re blonde. They usually have natural features that give it away too like blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. That just doesn’t go well with anything other than blonde.

Many blondes that I know opt to go for a lighter blonde in the warmer months and a darker blonde in the colder months. Whereas brunettes can go extremely blonde and totally pull it off. I’ve seen brunettes even go redhead or strawberry blonde and it looks great.

Brunettes can also go extremely dark. I have had my hair so black before that it looks blue. I am obsessed with my hair black, but also blonde. A trend that is going on right now is brunettes going platinum blonde. A lot of influencers are doing it and letting their dark roots come in with it.

The only downside to dark hair is it’s hard to pull off a bright color unless you bleach your hair first. This is something blondes don’t have a problem with because their hair is already light.

So, blondes may have more fun or “do it better” and the may be able to pull off the platinum look that all brunettes envy, but they can’t do it better in every hair color possible, unlike brunettes.

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