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Why Amazon Prime Video Should Be Your New Netflix

Have you ever found yourself scrolling and scrolling throughout Netflix realizing that you have watched all of the shows, that you have lost interest with their content at that moment or that you are just looking for something new and different?

Do not fear, Amazon Prime Video is here! Amazon Prime Video is the next big thing. It has tons of top-rated and underground shows, movies and documentaries that are incredible and some that you cannot watch anywhere else.

Do you have Amazon Prime? Yes? Fantastic. Then just log right into your account and you have access to hundreds of works of art! No? Then I highly recommend you create an account (make sure you get the student discount! The student discount is $4.99 a month – 2-day shipping and endless access to Amazon Prime Video). It is 110% worth it!

Some of the popular films featured on Amazon Prime Video include Wonder, I Can Only Imagine, Baywatch, Lady Bird, A Quiet Place, mid90s and Shutter Island, amongst others.

Some of the popular television shows featured include House, Downtown Abbey, Sex and the City, Law & Order, The Sopranos, Hell’s Kitchen, America’s Next Top Model and Veep, amongst others.

However, there are plenty of other films and television shows that are not as popular or are Amazon Originals, including some that are award-winning, like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (one of my favorite shows ever), Forever, Homecoming, Beat, A Very English Scandal and plenty of others.

If I listed everything that was fantastically entertaining then you would be reading for days.

I highly recommend you use your student discount for Amazon Prime. It is so worth it.

If you are not using Amazon Prime Video, then you are missing out on high-quality entertainment.

Not only are you getting free 2-day shipping on (almost) anything, you are opening your mind to so many more works of art that are truly incredible.


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