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Where to Find Fashion Inspo

Finding any inspiration can be hard, especially if you feel that no one shares or has a similar style or point of view as you. This is made even clearer when it comes to trying to find fashion inspiration or fashionable ideas or concepts.

However, finding fashion Inspiration may become a bit simpler thanks to this article.

Here are a couple of ways on how to find fashion inspiration that you truly feel connected with.

Pinterest is one of many social media applications that online users can use in order to gain fashion inspiration and fashionable concepts while engaging with this social media application.

If you do not know what Pinterest is, it is a highly visual and virtual pinboard website that lets you "pin" images from the web to your own personal board that you are able to create.

Now that you know how to use and what Pinterest is, let’s talk about how to minimize and look for your own style that interests you when it comes to creating your fashion inspiration board.

There are thousands upon thousands of images on Pinterest, so minimization is the key. When trying to find inspiration a person should not become overwhelmed. This makes the process of finding fashion inspiration less fun and more stressful. For example, when it came to making my own Pinterest board, which is called "Colorful Fashion," my goal for this board was to only pin and look for colorful outfits that I think are amazing.

You can see the cover photo for this blog post to see my personal picks for my board of colorful fashion for inspiration.

I basically only pin colorful looks and fashion pieces that interest me and make me want to recreate that certain outfit. This way, it is ensuring I am only looking for outfits or fashion pieces that inspire me. I encourage other users to do the same, start with a certain color or color pattern, certain types of accessories, or a trend that you like and then begin to break down and pin those certain images that you like.

Next on the list is a combination of Instagram and its influencers that use applications within Instagram. For example the website and application called "liketoknowit."

Since I mentioned Instagram first, I am going to share and dive a bit deeper into how I personally find fashion inspiration through this app. The first simple way of attempting to find fashion inspiration is to follow people, who are bloggers or something of the sort, that you deem cool enough to follow thanks to their own fashion sense.

Personally, when it came to finding bloggers that I liked well enough to follow due to their fashion sense, I found them thanks to the brand of clothing I like to wear or want to wear someday. (I’m talking to you, Love Shack Fancy!)

For example, going to the Urban Outfitters' Instagram page and then looking at tagged pictures is easier for me to find people who can style clothes in their own personal way that you might want to copy from. If this is true, then simply save the picture to your Instagram library.

As for liketoknowit, this is an application that influencers on Instagram, and other platforms, are able to use to link their own outfits, accessories, home decor, and more. Plus, liketoknowit allows you, as a follower, to shop your favorite bloggers' looks easier than ever.

This is an easy way for you to get inspiration from whomever fashion choice that you are personally into.

My last recommendation on where to find fashion inspiration is to use the new and popular application of Tik Tok. This one might be tricky, but worth it if you are into spending hours into the app every week already.

You can simply go to the search bar of Tik Tok and type in phrases or keywords to try and find fashion-inspired videos just for you. Whether the videos are DIY, styling tips, or showing off outfits, this is an easy way to find inspiration for what fashion can be for other users all around the world.

My advice would be to start with users like @Shein_official and @the_real_lin_shady. And make sure to follow the hashtags like ‘Summerclothing.'

I hope that these suggestions on where and how to find fashion inspiration helps you, especially when you start to develop fashion blocks and do not know where to go.

Remember that finding fashion inspiration might be hard, but it can also be right in front of you.


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