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When is it Acceptable to Start Getting Festive?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Over the river and through the woods, to 450 Pennsylvania we go!

We have hardly even had a full week of November days yet and the rustle that is ~rising such a clatter~ is the topic of when we are officially allowed to turn our big white house into ~a white Christmas wonderland~!

As we surround our many dinner tables in our kitchen all bundled up to face the cold, you can hear the whispers of everyone offering up people to ask our house mother when we can begin decorating.

Back in my hometown in West Michigan, my family has already put up our outdoor lights and have been getting an early use out of their snow gear and shovels. Maybe that's why I am already ~dash, dash, dashing away~ to all of my holiday festivities.

In my "cinder block" of a bedroom that three of my sorority sisters and I share, we have turned our standing lamp into a tree by already hanging up ornaments that I got for everyone's first official ~naughty or nice Santa sack~.

We have gathered the needed supplies for an official hot cocoa bar on top of our fridge with all the fixings - even gluten and dairy allergy safe options for people like me!

We have even begun to blast Christmas carols while we all get ready for the day and have even started a "Katie Loves Kristmas" collaborative Pinterest board that shows all of the different ways we want to decorate our humble "cinder block" abode.

Now, while room 104 is having a holiday blast, others in the house have made their point that it is not festive season yet and that we are just being ~Santa's crazy little helpers~.

So the real question of the season that is scratching at all of our ~candy cane caps~, when do you consider the holiday season to begin for you?

1. When the clock struck twelve on Halloween night

2. Between November first and seventh

3. Halfway through November

4. December first

5. A couple of days before the holiday itself

Leave your answer in the comments to help ~bring peace on 450 Pennsylvania~ during our seasonal festivity debate!


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