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What fashion means to me

Fashion is truly one of the most important art forms in our society. Every day, we make a personal choice of how we want to portray ourselves based on the clothing items we put on our bodies. Fashion is something that constantly moves throughout time changing, repeating itself, telling the story of each person on Earth as it grows with every human on the planet. Fashion is a constant outward form of artistic and personal expression, and it has the ability to transform and connect people as well as celebrate individuality.

To me, fashion is home. As early as I can remember, I was very into any type of creative form of expression. I grew up an artist; I loved going to galleries, I spent hours drawing and painting, art was my favorite subject in school, I took regular private art “lessons,” I went to art camp every summer, I even took AP art classes in high school. That love of art and creativity transferred into my love of fashion and style, which has been with me almost my whole life. I’ll never forget being in line at the grocery store with my dad around age 8 when a woman commented on my outfit to my dad. They laughed, and he said, “She’s already a fashionista, it takes her about 30 minutes to get dressed to go anywhere.”

Throughout my life, I’ve always liked to make bold choices in my style, but I’m still on my journey to finding my niche. Fashion is something in my life that has constantly provided me joy and confidence, no matter what kind of styles I am into at the moment. It makes me feel beautiful, cool, interesting and radiant. Fashion gives me the excitement and change in my life that I need on a daily basis, and it gives me the motivation to shoot for the stars and try my best each and every day. Who knew that something as simple as pieces of fabric could make someone feel that way?

So, I challenge you, reading this, to become more intentional with your style, your outfits, your fashion, and just watch how it changes your life.


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