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We Need a New Family to Love to Hate

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Photo from Kris Jenner on Instagram

They are pop culture’s first family. The household that America’s households love to hate and hate-watch. They tend to get a little political at times and are always sneaking into a new industry.

They are the Kardashian-Jenners, and I used to be one of those people that loved to hate them. That is until I realized how much happier I was embracing the genius that Kris Jenner gave birth to (both literally and figuratively) and how being critical of their every move made me critically unhappy.

It started with me tuning into Scott Disick’s renovation show “Flip It Like Disick.” Then I caught myself scrolling through and eventually following Jordyn Woods’ Instagram page.

I finally accepted my status as a lover of all things Kardashian-Jenner when I bought collagen from Kourtney’s “Poosh” line and I started looking forward to whatever the latest “Kylie Cosmetics” drop was.

Hear me out. Some might say that I have fallen for their marketing and social media genius. However, I see myself as embracing it. We constantly see motivational Instagram pages telling people to “support their friends” and preaching how “happy girls are happy for other girls."

Before people mention things like Kendall’s Pepsi fiasco, which was just plain bad marketing and PR, or Khloe’s alleged role in the split between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Craig, they have to acknowledge the fact that there are behind the scenes factors and information that the public doesn’t and probably will never know.

How can people critique something they don’t have all the information on?

Honestly, these women are some of the most positive in Hollywood - from Kim and her prison reform advocacy to Khloe’s contribution to the body positivity movement.

I don’t want to change your opinion on them, but I am saying give them a chance... it is nearly 2020.


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