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Ways to show love this Valentine's Day

Unpopular opinion: Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. It’s in competition for first with Halloween. I have always loved Valentine’s Day for some reason. The colors, everyone talking about love, the love movies I get to watch and the Galentine's celebrations my friends and I do pretty much every year. I love pink and red. Whether I’m in a relationship or single, it’s such a happy, heart-warming holiday all about love—it’s so cute! Just because I know a majority of people probably disagree with me, I want to share my holiday cheer with everyone by sharing some cute ideas to do this Valentine’s Day with your partner, your friends, or even yourself! Everyone deserves all the love they can get, of course. If you see me anytime between now and the 14th, you’ll probably see me doing at least one of these things…

1. Galentine’s picnic

This is a classic idea that can always be individualized. You can always decorate a picnic in accordance to your own unique style, as long as someone brings food, a blanket and some drinks. It also wouldn’t hurt to add in an optional dress code for some cute pictures ;). Though the weather is iffy given it is February in Kentucky, there is a chance we’ll get a sunny Valentine’s.

2. Pink and red photoshoot

This idea has such variety, and I love it. It can be done anywhere, anytime, with any theme—there are several options. It could be a big thing you plan out with friends, or it could be small and simple. You could take pictures on Friday and post them on Monday. You could use a professional camera or take cute polaroids or disposables for memories!

3. Cookie skillets... because why not?

This is an oddly specific idea, maybe because I plan on making one myself or just because I think it’s a cute idea that will be very popular this year. Cookie skillets are already an amazing, flexible dessert, especially when paired with ice cream. To make it even more festive: make it heart-shaped! You could do this with your significant other, friends, roommates, siblings... anyone! You could also get creative with the flavors and add in your favorite candies. Personally, I think I’m going to do a classic chocolate chip cookie and add pink and red M&Ms. I’ve also added a link to a homemade recipe to make things a little easier.

4. Buy heart-shaped pasta from Trader Joe’s

This is an idea I got from a girl in my nursing class. She told me that Trader Joe’s had heart-shaped pasta, and I thought it sounded precious. So, with that being said, I think heart-shaped pasta could be perfect for a date night. Or if you can’t find any, try a heart-shaped pizza. Really, anything heart-shaped will do.

5. Painting date

We all love a good painting date. Well, not everyone. The thing is, you don’t have to be great at painting to do this, it could just be fun with someone you love! Whether you’ll end up laughing at what you created or gifting it to the person next to you, I think this date will make anyone grow closer and make for a lot of happy endings.

6. Dancing and self-care

These could work for singles or those in a relationship. Dancing… there are multiple ways this could be interpreted. Slow dance with your significant other, jump around dancing crazy with your friends or dance solo in your room! You can really dance any way with anyone. Also, at-home spa nights are always a favorite and could be paired nicely with some chocolate-covered strawberries (or that cookie skillet from earlier). You can also do this with anyone!

7. Buy yourself flowers

This is something that doesn’t just have to be a Valentine’s Day thing. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I am always tempted to buy new flowers or plants for my room. There is something so genuine and reassuring about buying yourself flowers. Decorate your home with a variety of pink and red for the next few weeks! Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could also get flowers for someone special.

Overall, I am quite proud of this list and now even more excited for Valentine’s Day. Though there is room for a lot of negativity if you aren’t a fan of the holiday, I feel like most anyone could find joy in at least one of these activities. Just finding the time to appreciate those you love and taking the time to love yourself. With that being said, I hope at least a few people try out my ideas and have a lovely Valentine’s Day.


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