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Wallows 'Remote' EP review

Wallows are reintroducing themselves on their newest EP "Remote." The LA-based trio isn’t letting 2020 get to them. After releasing their debut album "Nothing Happens" in March 2019, the band is storming back into the music scene.

Some of the band’s success can be credited to their frontman. When Dylan Minnette isn’t making music with his bandmates, you can see him starring in productions such as Netflix’s "13 Reasons Why" or the "Goosebumps" movie series. I became familiar with Wallows before I even knew Minnette was a member. Finding that out is for sure what kept me around, though.

Their earlier tracks such as "Uncomfortable" and "1980’s Horror Film" are the songs that made me fall in love with the band. Braeden Lemasters does a majority of the vocals on these earlier tracks, which was something I really loved about the band. I liked how they made it feel like there wasn’t a main frontman and they gave multiple band members a chance to add their own flair to the music.

On the band’s debut album, they dove deeper into the traditional indie-pop route, which I honestly didn’t like. Minnette took over on the vocals on a majority of the songs and it felt like they were losing their touch of what made Wallows who they are. The band’s most popular song, "Are We Bored Yet" featuring Clario is the definition of glitter indie pop. They kind of took one step forward and two steps backward. They were making great music, but it didn’t feel authentic to the band’s identity.

With this only being their second full EP, they definitely have a statement to make. They absolutely NAILED IT! "Virtual Aerobics" alludes to the quarantine lifestyle we have all been sporting recently. The entire EP is fun. They combine that old indie vibe they have with a sound that can be connected to The Strokes or The Beatles. It feels timeless and like they took a piece of history and added their own Wallows touch.

The band took two steps forward by really showing off who they are and the potential they have to make an impact in the indie music world.


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