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Troye Sivan's 'In A Dream' EP Review

Troye Sivan is an Australian singer-songwriter who gained his popularity on YouTube. Now, he has a Billboard Top 100 hit and just released his 4th project - the "In A Dream" EP.

I remember the day Sivan released his first single “Happy Little Pill” on Tumblr. I stayed up way too late that night just so I would be able to hear his first song for the first time. Sivan’s music still gives me that happy, nostalgic feeling now. His older songs from 2014 feel the exact same way as the newer songs in 2020. Troye Sivan is a natural-born pop star. His growth as an artist has landed him collabs with pop music icons such as Ariana Grande and Charli XCX.

"In A Dream" is a short and sweet story featuring only 6 songs. It’s a quick listen. Sivan still managed to put an entire album's worth of creativity into the EP’s 19 minutes. On his first EP “TRXYE” he opened up and wanted to tell stories about his life, himself, and what he’s been through. Sivan progressed from that on this EP by combining that element of his music with the more electro-pop sound he has acquired over the years.

This EP works so well for me because there’s such a good combination of the different styles and sounds Sivan always uses in his music. You have a little bit of upbeat pop with “STUD” and “IN A DREAM.” You also get some of the more dreamy and sentimental songs such as “Rager teenager!” and “could cry just thinkin about you.” He doesn’t stray far from what he knows. “Take Yourself Home” features a familiar, cascading beat drop that he has also featured in his Billboard Top 100 hit “Youth.”

The songs feel like something straight out of Sivan’s imagination and heart. The title “In A Dream” is very fitting for him and for this style of EP. It makes you want to forget about everything else going on in the world and dream. YouTube has been a place for people to watch videos and forget about everything for a while. Troye Sivan’s videos and music are that “happy place” for a lot of his fans. He creates music that makes people feel good and reminds them of all of the good places and happy times in their lives.

“In A Dream” is the perfect “drive home from work” soundtrack to wind down and reflect on the day.


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