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Traveling: A Guide For Beginners

Wanderlust [won-der-luhst]

(.n) a strong desire to travel and explore the world

So you want to travel? But don’t know where to begin? Look no further. As someone who has done more research on traveling than I have on my actual studies (although I’d never admit that to professors) I consider myself a travel expert; or at least someone who can help those who are just starting off. Traveling can be daunting especially if you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few tips and tricks to steer you in the right direction.

Start In Your Backyard

Not literally of course. Although, great adventures can be found within 50 feet of your own house, however, if you’re looking to go a little further start with your own state. Traveling is not just going out of the country. Sometimes the greatest vacations we take are the ones closest to home. Every state is famous for something. Take a weekend off and go find out what’s special about your state. Go to a new city, new restaurants, new museums, explore the town. The best part about traveling close to home is that it’s much cheaper. No plane ride, and if it’s close enough no hotel either.

Groupon Will Be Your Best Friend

Groupon is a good website to start with if you find yourself stressed over the monetary aspect of traveling. Groupon gives you hundreds of deals on restaurants, hotels, flights, excursions, and even travel packages. Every spring break I use Groupon to book my hotels and flights. And I also find deals on party busses, VIP packages into the hottest nightclubs and pool parties, water excursions like jet skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, and so much more. And I end up spending only half of what I would without Groupon.

Travel With A Group

Don’t get me wrong. Traveling by yourself can be really therapeutic. Not only do you learn about the world, you learn about yourself. But there’s nothing wrong with traveling with a group of friends either. You get to create memories with your best friends or significant other. And you can pick places to travel to where neither of you have been. Which will make it a special occasion for everyone. And the best part, you can split the bill making it cheaper for everyone.

Tackling The Big Dogs

So you’ve traveled. You’ve been all over the United States and had a great time doing it. But now you think you’re ready to defeat the boss...traveling outside the country. For so long I was worried about leaving the country because I didn’t want to break the bank. Then I found out there are so many beautiful countries to travel to where the only expensive thing you’ll need to purchase is your passport. Cuba, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia, Laos. What all these countries have in common is that you’ll spend only 30 dollars a day or less. Research what countries and places you want to go. The places you might think are expensive really might be the cheapest.

As someone who’s 2019 resolution was to see more of the world- I can attest that whether near or far, with friends or alone, cheap or expensive, I plan on going. And remember, travel is the only thing you can buy that’ll make you richer.

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