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Top five best things about POPS Resale

Photo by Isaac Janssen.

If you haven’t visited POPS Resale since it opened in 1996, you can consider yourself missing out tremendously. Dan Shorr, the store owner - better known as Pop - started POPS with his late wife Sharon who passed away of lung cancer in 2016. Shorr now runs the store with his three-legged furry friend Junior, a dog he rescued in 2017.

POPS’ interior harbors many blasts from the past all the way from clothing items to earrings to records to vintage band t-shirts to pins, stickers and little knick-knacks. There is truly no other place like POPS, and the store having been open for over 20 years stands testament to this.

1. The very best part of POPS is, of course, Shorr himself.

His personality is what has kept the store alive along with good business and reliable suppliers of the vintage and miscellaneous goods Pop deals. Shorr has made a name for himself and his store and even sells pins with the store logo on them.

2. POPS Resale has its own mascot. Junior the rescue dog quickly became the lovable mascot of POPS after Pop himself rescued him. Junior’s name at the Lexington Humane Society started as Papi, Poppy, and Pop, but Shorr knew that would be too confusing. “I settled on Pop Junior, Junior for short,” Shorr said. Now Junior presides next to his owner in the store and welcomes customers at the front.

3. The store is very active on social media. POPS' Facebook page is constantly updated with events, sales and more records added to the store. The care put into the store’s products and the customers’ experience is quite evident. If you ever have a question, chances are the Facebook page has you covered.

Photo by Isaac Janssen.

4. POPS’ products are unique, fun, inexpensive and vintage, and they care about what they sell.

When POPS first started up, Shorr went to auctions, yard and estate sales, thrift stores, etc. to collect an inventory of his choosing. After so many years of being in the business, now the vendors come to him. The most interesting things Pop has ever sold? “A full zebra pelt… a spiral staircase… a full ‘last rites’ kit,” Shorr said.

5. The store cares tremendously about everybody's health. During the height of the pandemic last year, POPS installed self-enforced Plexiglass barriers, its own mask mandate, hand sanitizer stations and a store capacity of 25 customers.

Find out more about the wonders of POPS Resale by visiting the store on 1423 Leestown Rd. and transporting yourself to the beautiful vintage world Shorr has created.

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