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Top 5 Craziest Supreme Accessories

Updated: May 26, 2020

Supreme is known for releasing some pretty crazy items with countless different collaborations over the years.

The Supreme drop of Week 6 in the Spring/Summer 2020 season showed one of the craziest accessories that have ever dropped. The Supreme Oreo, yes you read that correctly. Supreme collaborated with Oreo to drop a Supreme Cookie.

These cookies were released in packs of 3 on the Supreme website and retailed for $8 but are now reselling for between $20-$50 on different websites.

In honor of this crazy Supreme accessory, I will be counting down what I think are the top 5 craziest or most unique Supreme accessories to ever release.

5. Pinball Machine

Releasing in the Spring/Summer of 2018 this Pinball Machine retailed for a whopping $10,000. Only about 150 of these were ever made and I could only find one listing online from Stadium Goods for $56,000. This is without a doubt the most expensive accessory Supreme has ever released.

4. Guitar

Supreme collaborated with the company Fender to create this incredible piece. It released in the Fall/Winter drop of 2017 retailing for $2,000. This guitar now resells for around $4,000 and is one of the most unique pieces Supreme has ever done.

3. Box Logo Teddy Bear

This is one of my personal favorites. This bear released in the Fall/Winter drop of 2018 and retailed for $178. It doesn’t resell for much over retail but it is just such a cool piece to have. It incorporates the most iconic piece of Supreme ever, the grey hoodie and red box logo, and what’s even cooler is that the box logo is on a teddy bear.

This is a must-have piece for me, a great addition to any room.

2. Inflatable Kayak

This was one of the most hyped items from the Spring/Summer 2018 drop. Originally retailing for $498 this piece now resells for around $350 which I think is a pretty decent price for such an iconic piece. This Kayak also comes with a collapsible paddle, packs all the way down to 11x11x5 inches, and weighs just four pounds making it easy to take anywhere. This piece also makes a great conversation starter whether you have it on display in your living room or are navigating down a stream or river.

1. Supreme Brick

Supreme literally released a red clay brick and people went crazy over it. This brick dropped in Fall/Winter of 2016 but is one of the most iconic Supreme accessories to date. Retailing for $30 it now resells for upwards of $120 which is wild that many people will pay that much for a brick. That is why I believe this is the coolest and craziest Supreme accessory to ever release.


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