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The Best of Fall

Everyone loves a good season change, and fall is the best one of all! That’s because the weather gets cooler, leaves are falling, everything is cozier, and there is just so much to look forward to when the most favored season rolls around. Here’s a look at the best things to anticipate all thanks to fall.

Cozy Sweaters

Finally, a fashion look that we can all get behind! Sweater weather is upon us and our outfits just got so much cuter. Sweaters can come in all different types – thick, thin, plain, or decorative – it all works. The best thing is you can either dress it up or dress it down. Lexington has many retail stores with awesome sweater potential. Don’t wait too long to shop because the good ones always go first!


'Tis the season to go all out with a costume and channel someone – or something else. Halloween is the spookiest day of the year. Not only can you dress up and enjoy the day with your friends and family, but you can pig out on candy and no one can say anything. If you need a costume, check out Party City, Halloween Express, and Spirit Halloween.


Honestly, and I’m not trying to be basic, candles get so much better once fall rolls around. There is an abundance of smells that we never get a chance to buy until the season calls for it. And scented candles do have a way of relaxing everything around you. You don’t have to be a Lexington local to know that Bath and Body Works has the best candles. Right now, their 3-wick candles are on sale for $10 off. Get them while there’s still some to get!

The Best TV Shows Are Back

We were all getting tired of flipping back and forth between Hulu and Netflix. It was even more tiring when there was absolutely nothing to watch. Now that fall is here, the better TV shows are back on a regular schedule. You now have an excuse to spend your evening sinking into your couch…you’re welcome.

Haunted Trails and Haunted Houses

It’s September, and that means a bunch of Halloween attractions are popping up all around Lexington. If you can handle them, Lexington and surrounding cities do provide the best, haunted trails and haunted houses. Terror at Tates Creek is the most popular haunted trails in the city. However, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville is one of the most haunted places in the country, and they have a tour that runs through the sanatorium. Try them all out if you have the heart!


There is always a thrill in decorating your living space for any given holiday or season. Luckily, fall allows you to add a lot of decorations to your space. That can be warm-toned throw blankets, a wreath on the door, flowers, and pumpkins. You can never go wrong with a carved pumpkin.


As much as we love sliding into our sandals, I can’t wait to step into some fuzzy boots instead. Thanks to the cooler weather, you can have the chance to put on those L.L. Bean’s, UGGs or leather boots. They work if you’re sporting sweats or dressed in jeans. Also, fuzzy socks! You can wear fuzzy socks every day. Target has an endless variety of fuzzy socks.


Not only do we get a break from school, but we get a break to eat a bunch of food. Thanksgiving is not only a time of thanks and appreciation, but we also get to enjoy the time with the people we love the most. There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal after going months without it.

Change is in the Air

Fall is all about change, whether we want it or not. Not only is the weather changing and becoming more bearable without the exhausting heat, but it’s also a great time for personal revelations. The New Year isn’t the only time you can make resolutions. Fall, essentially, is a new beginning. What a better way to start fresh during the best time of the year?


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