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Television Recommendations For Quarantine

Have you ever promised yourself that if you had more time to watch a certain television series, you would do it?

Well, welcome to quarantine, ladies and gentlemen.

Here in quarantine, if a person is lucky, they will have unlimited amounts of time in this world, that there is even a tendency to get bored or overwhelmed with all the television series and movie options, in all the different streaming services.

Personally speaking, at the start of quarantine I made it my mission to consume season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy and all the free episodes of Hoarders on Youtube. However, I managed to do those two things faster than I anticipated. Which if you’re like me, we're in the same boat.

However, luck would be in everyone's favor today, because here is a list of my quarantine television recommendations. Starting off with the streaming service of Hulu:

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is a book to television adaptation, the book was written by Celeste Ng and was published on September 12, 2017. The book has even received praise such as being a New York Times bestseller, Amazon's #2 best book and Best Fiction book of 2017, and was named best book of the year by over 25 publications.

Now as for eight-part television series, it is centered around two mothers' names, Elena Richardson, played by Resse Witherspoon, and Mia Warren, played by Kerry Washington. And how the two women's families are intertwined with each other and how their own relationships affect everyone around them. As for someone that has finished this series a couple weeks ago, I can say that it is worth watching, if you’re interested in mystery drama series. This next Hulu series is also a book to television adaption.

Normal People

Normal People was written by Sally Ronney and was published on August 28, 2018.

This novel received the awards of the 2018 Man Booker Prize, voted as the 2018 Waterstones' Book of the Year, and won "Best Novel" at the 2018 Costa Book Awards. Now both television and book Normal People are centered around the characters of Connell and Marianne and how their relationship starts off by being friends and then turning into something more.

The series also follows the ups and downs of not only their own relationships with each other as characters but with themselves as individuals as well. Plus this series gives a glimpse of the reality of transition into adult life. Now at the time of writing, I personally have only watched about four episodes, but my friends can not stop giving praise to how amazing this show is. Moving on to Netflix.

Outer Banks

Starting this list off with a series that has been and stayed on Netflix's own Top Ten list since coming on April 15th of 2020, is the television series called Outer Banks.

This show has been popular amongst teenagers and young adults everywhere and is even blowing up fun challenges and edits on TikTok. However, those videos do not do the show justice if you are someone that has watched.

As for the synopsis for Outer Banks, it is about a teenager named John B, who enlists his three best friends named JJ, Pope, and Kiara, to hunt for a legendary treasure that could be linked to his father's disappearance. Personally speaking, I am on episode seven, in which there are only ten episodes, and I am impressed with the suspense and how well the characters go together.


My final television recommendation is a series that was just released on May 1, 2020. Though I have not watched this series yet, it has been added to my Netflix list which means there is potential for me to watch it sometime soon.

With the executive producer of Ryan Murphy and many more, this series is centered around aspiring actors and filmmakers in Hollywood-post World War II. As for the cast, it includes Darren Criss, Jim Parson, Dylan McDermott, Patti Lupone, Queen Latifah, Laura Harrier, and more. Now with these four television recommendations for quarantine, I hope you are able to enjoy them as much as I plan to or already have on during this time.

Stay safe and healthy!


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