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Taylor Swift's 'Folklore'

Surprise! On July 23, which was the ten year anniversary of One Direction, Taylor Swift decided to release a series of black and white photos to her Instagram to announce the release of her eighth studio album called "Folklore."

Side Note: people, the majority Taylor Swift haters, are coming up with these conspiracies that Taylor decided to release the album on One Direction’s ten year anniversary to take away attention from them! For one, I completely disagree with this notion, only because I am a fan of both and I do not think that Taylor Swift is that malicious. And for two, Taylor Swift has moved on with Joe Alwyn and they’re both extremely happy together. But to each their own!

Anyways! "Folklore" was released at midnight on July 24 along with the music video for "Cardigan." "Folklore" has 16 songs on the album and is available to stream on music streaming services or purchase on the Taylor Swift website. Plus, this album is the first one of Taylor Swift's to be labeled and categorized as alternative. Taylor Swift wrote on her Instagram about the inspiration behind the album by saying, “I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into [the album]. I wrote and recorded this music in isolation.”

Taylor Swift goes further and explains in another post that the majority of her songs on this album are stories. She said, “I found myself not only writing my own stories but also...of people I’ve never met, people I’ve known or those I wish I hadn’t.” "Folklore" brings awareness about different points of view in relationships, growth as a person after a breakup, remembering past loves, love in general, and changing as a person.

Fan Theories

With every new release of a Taylor Swift album or music video, super fans have to pull out their own detective hats in order to try to work the case and discover the deeper meaning(s) to each lyric or visual art when it comes to Taylor Swift. Now, some theories can be fun and spot-on, others can be off the wall, however, let's dive into some that fans are coming up when it comes to Taylor’s new album.

Joe Alwyn was a secret co-writer on the album.

The reason as to why fans think Joe Alwyn is a co-writer is due to the name William Bowery. There is no record of a co-writer by the name of William Bowery that has worked with Taylor Swift. Therefore, fans think it is Joe Alwyn because the name William is the name of his great grandfather, who was a composer, and the Bowery Hotel is where the couple first met.

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are no longer friends.

Though Karlie Kloss still follows Taylor Swift on Instagram, the best friend duo has not been spotted together in years. Therefore, people think that some of the songs on "Folklore" are about friendship breakups as well as romantic breakups.

"Betty" is the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's third Daughter.

With their daughter approaching the age of 1, the public still does not know her name. However, in the song "Betty," Taylor sings the names Inez and James, which are the names of their other two daughters.

"Mad Women" is targeted towards Scooter Braun.

This is due to the fact that the two were fighting over the rights of her past studio albums. Or, it could be targeted at Kim and Kanye West, thanks to the famous 2016 phone call between the two. The song has lines saying, “now I breathe flames each time I talk, my canons all firing at your yacht,” and "women like hunting witches, too. Doing your dirtiest work for you.”

Taylor Swift bought toys for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s new baby!

In the song "Invisible string" a lyric goes as follows, “For the boys that broke my heart, now I sent their babies presents.” This is plain and simple, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas dated in the past, now he is married to Sophie Turner and the pair just had their first baby this past month.

Now, please remember these are for fun and not serious! :)

To give insight on what type of swiftie I am, here are my TOP THREE favorite Taylor Swift albums according to ME, before "Folklore" released.

Taking my number one spot is none other than "Reputation." I can not explain to you how much I love this album! My friend Savannah and I would blast this album on our way to school every single morning. It is just an all-around fabulous album!

Moving on with number two is "1989"! This album has such fun energy to it, whether it is the actual music or the memories and videos that come with this era like the concerts. I can not let this era go to save my life!

My number three spot goes to "Speak Now"! If you do not recognize "Speak Now" as a 10/10 album for Taylor Swift, we can not be friends, I’m sorry. This album is hands down one of the best for me. Its song list is beautiful and wonderful to listen to.

After listening to "Folklore," though, I can personally reconsider my list. "Folklore" might be giving my number two spot a run for its money! My personal favorite songs off the album are: The 1, Cardigan, The Last Great American Dynasty, Exile, Seven, This Is Me Trying, Illicit Affairs, Mirrorball, Epiphany, Betty, and Peace.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Bye y’all and happy streaming!

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