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Sweet Fall Pickins'

It's beginning to look a lot like... FALL!

Pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, apple picking and much much more!

I don't know about you all, but back in Michigan where I am from, fall is a big deal. A few days ago, I took my sweet little on a surprising adventure to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill to kickstart our nagging feeling that we should be in flannels with ripped jeans. And, as my Illinois baby says, her Blackhawks gear. (I am a Red Wings girl, but I still accept her).

We got to play in the fairground with the giant bouncy balloon, tricycle race track, petting zoo, and hay bail fort!

After we let out our inner child, we took some time to pick some apples and pears that were ripened to perfection off the many rows of trees that the orchard had to offer.

After quite some time of listening to country jams and picking bags of apples, to only end up eating them all on the car ride home, we headed past the peaches and the event barn back towards the corn maze and, my favorite, the pumpkins. I think between the two of us, we tripped over every vine in the patch but it gave us some pretty good memories!

At this point in our adventure, our northern-ness started to kick in and we became weak in the Kentucky heat and headed back to the Cider Mill to check out their goodies and weigh our sweet apple pickins' of the day!

Once inside, we were overwhelmed with all of the apple goodies the Cider Mill had to offer us. There were apple slushies, apple popsicles, apple donuts/pies/cakes, cider in different fridges that also held dipping caramel. And the amazingly delicious caramel apple that came in plain caramel or any topping you could dream of, including fudge from their in-store fudge bar.

Evans Orchard and Cider Mill truly showed us the best time and even though I gave her clues all week and didn't tell her where we were headed until we pulled in, my sweet DeltaG said she had so much fun getting to feel like a kid again while amid her new college education.

From age five to eighty-five, Evans Orchard is definitely a fall necessity!

(P.S. if you need a stress reliever with midterms coming near, we highly suggest the bouncy rainbow pillow in the front of the fairground area, really kills stress and brings giggles to all!)

Hope y'all get to go be a kid and have some fun as we did with Evans Orchard and Cider Mill!


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