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Surviving Valentine's Day

February is right around the corner, and the only reason I’m excited is because it’s my birth month. But February is full of love, chocolate, and the crippling side effect a good portion of people have; being single. I was single once upon a time ago, and I know how it feels to not get a giant stuffed animal and a box of gourmet chocolates on this weird holiday. So I decided to give you guys a list of really fun things you can do to celebrate the love you have for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Self Care = Self Love

This may sound cliche but I have first-hand experience that it actually works! This Valentine’s Day, don’t cleanse your face with tears, let a good ole face mask do that for you. Get one of those nice foot baths and put some Epsom salts in it, grab your fuzzy robe, slather on that face mask, light a candle, get your tub of ice cream, and sit back and relax while watching Romcoms about overused societal cliches of love. You will really feel the self love when you are taking care of yourself instead of worrying about not having a boyfriend.

Have a Galentine’s Day

Forget boys! And for you guys reading, forget the girls! All you need on February 14th is your friends. If loneliness is your issue and this month makes it feel a little worse, then surround yourself with the people who love you the most: your friends! Plan a night out on the town or stay in and have a movie marathon in your pjs. Or have the ultimate Super Smash Bros tournament. The possibilities are endless. Being with your friends on this day eliminates the need to “try” and eliminates expectations. They love you for you and that’s all you could ever ask for on Valentine’s Day. *Also if you and your gals are really feeling it, a burn book for all the guys who ever hurt you is an exceptional way of therapy.*


Hi! Fellow spender here. There is no better therapy than retail therapy. If the love bug blues have you down, then go out and get yourself something nice! Don’t wait on Prince Charming to swoop in and buy you that overpriced Pandora necklace that will end up tangled in your jewelry box. That pair of shoes you’ve been wanting for months? Get them! Wanna change up your hair? Do it! Want to buy yourself roses and chocolate-covered strawberries? What’s stopping you. Indulge in self love and be your own woman! You deserve to treat yourself for being the queen you are.

Cook for Yourself

Don’t have someone to take you out to a Mexican restaurant and share the fajita for two with? No problem! You have everything you need right there in the comfort of your own home. Make a meal made for a queen (you)! That way you don’t have to worry if you’re chewing too loudly or if you make gross faces when you eat (we’ve all thought that way, don’t come for me). You can enjoy your meal in peace and you don’t have to wear a tight dress doing it either. Be self-sufficient. I promise you’ll feel a lot better about yourself after.

Make a Valentine’s Day Card for YOU

Remember in elementary school where we made Valentine’s Day boxes and passed out Valentines to everyone in the class? Well, that tradition doesn't have to stop when you leave the 5th grade. Write yourself a love letter. Put down everything you love about yourself, everything you are proud of, all your successes. Write it, read it, believe it. Keep that and reference back to it when you’re feeling down and alone. Everyone needs encouragement and who better to give you what you need, than you!

This day is sucky, I can agree, especially if you’re alone. But you have to remember, that you always have yourself and that you are never alone. Take one of these ideas and use it! Or better yet, do it all! There is no limit to loving yourself, even if it seems impossible. You got this, girl!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.


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