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Surviving the first week of classes

It is that time of year again where all the college students are going back to school. It can be stressful, exciting and overwhelming. To combat these emotions, I always do a few things during the first week that make me feel my best.

To start out, Sunday night before classes start, I always do a face mask. I will do a face mask, watch TV and relax. Right now, I am using The Ordinary’s peeling face mask, but you can never go wrong with a good, cute Target face mask.

Next, I try and go to bed early the night before classes, whether I have an 8 a.m. or not. Waking up groggy and tired is a terrible way to start any week, let alone the first week of school.

After my first day of classes on Monday, I treated myself to a coffee from Starbucks. If you are not a coffee person, treat yourself to some ice cream, dinner or tea. I think little treats rewarding yourself for a stressful day go a long way.

The last tip I have is to make yourself a nice meal. I am not always a fan of cooking, especially if I am short on time, so this does not have to be anything fancy—just something that makes you happy. I made gnocchi pasta on Sunday night, one of my favorite things. This made me happy and ready for the week.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed during the first week of classes, I like to wind down with a Netflix show in bed or talk with my friends to cheer me up. Change is hard and scary, but new classes are meant to help you grow. This time can be a lot, but with a few easy tips, it can be much more enjoyable.


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