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Summer Staples Turned Into Fall Essentials

Updated: May 26, 2020

Denim in a multitude of forms, white sneakers, dainty necklaces, oversized earrings- the list of summer staples is seemingly endless. Every year, as summer draws to a close, these pieces can be used to extend your summer wardrobe into fall and winter. By layering and mixing fabrics, here’s how to turn your summer staples into fall essentials.


During the summer, denim shorts and jeans are staples. As summer rolls into fall, those denim shorts can be switched up by wearing them with longer tops and sweaters. Denim jeans and jackets are also perfect for layering with cropped tops and graphic T-shirts.


During the warmer summer months, sneakers like Nikes and Golden Goose shoes can be styled with denim shorts, as well as layered or patterned skirts. When the weather gets slightly colder, sneakers paired with jeans or a long-sleeved dress and a light denim or leather jacket bring the fun of summer fashion into the season of layers: fall.

Small necklaces

When worn with swimsuits for beach or lake days, long flowy dresses or two-piece sets in whites or florals, dainty necklaces add that little extra something. Small necklaces can take shape in chokers or drop necklaces, layers of stars on a chain or a single coin. From gold to silver to pearls, dainty necklaces are as versatile in the summer as they are in early fall. With cropped shirts, denim shorts or jeans- and a jacket layered on top- a single necklace or a few in varying lengths are the perfect season transitioner.

Oversized earrings

Oversized earrings in varying shapes- the more unique the better- have been trending for some time now. However, these earrings in exclusively bright colors and neutral patterns have made their mark on the summer season. To wear them into fall, oversized earrings in black, gold and silver can be just as fun as in the summer.


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