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Spring 2019 Trends

It’s just about time to do the annual Spring cleaning, so turn up your music and head to your wardrobe. The most exciting part about getting rid of some old clothes or pieces you no longer have a use for is not feeling guilty bringing in some new ones! After all, you didn’t free up that space for anything! Here are some huge trends to keep an eye out for and hop on these next few months!

1. Monochrome

Focusing mainly on neutrals, as seen on the Max Mara and Tom Ford runway, monochrome neutrals are not going anywhere and will definitely be seen all over this spring. Along with the neutrals, I’ve seen monochrome outfits and suits in vibrant colors- orange, green, yellow, pink in an increasing number of stores as they begin to bring their spring collections out.

2. Neon

It’s back and glowing more than ever, thanks to celebs including Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, neon is set up to be just as big as it is bright this spring. I’m personally going to be going for subtle neon, maybe fun fluorescent nails or phone case, but hey, the bolder the better!

3. Color Blocking

This is a trend I honestly still have not been able to pull off or figure out how to work, but it flooded the spring runways. Don’t be afraid to go all out with this trend, look to Instagram queen @stylebyAssitan for some inspiration.

4. Fanny Packs

I will forever stan a fanny pack, and they aren’t going anywhere this spring! Now that they are accessible to purchase, ditch the purse this summer and grab a bum bag! I just picked up two that I am absolutely obsessed with from Quay Australia. I love to wear mine across my chest, but a belt bag is also super ~trendy~.

5. Ascots and Scarf Print Galore

Either it’s a silk scarf tied around your ponytail or neck, or a killer patterned suit jacket, this trend is up and coming and I am loving it! I always tie my cheetah print silk scarf around my bag as an extra accessory to bring an outfit together, but I cannot wait to try the scarf patterned clothing out. Look no further than the Versace runway to see this in action.


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