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Sponsored Content: Everybody, let's fight

Story by Morgan Haney | Photo by Isaac Janssen

Gymtimidation can be a real thing for someone trying to start a new year the right way— like a mom who is trying to get her pre-baby body back, or a college student who is starting to feel the Freshman 15.

The idea of standing next to someone with their toned arms and matching workout gear can be downright dreadful. The look of machines and equipment that you’ve never seen before can be scary. It's hard to find a place to work out that is going to motivate you to achieve your goals, yet make you feel right at home at the same time. That’s where EverybodyFights comes in.

When I took my first class at EverybodyFights, I was a bit nervous since I had never been to this particular gym before. I had put on my favorite leggings and tank top and made sure that my hair was in the most perfect ponytail.

When I walked in the front door, I was so kindly greeted by the girl at the front desk, and my nerves were put at ease. Once I got into the class, I was kindly greeted again by the girl standing next to me. My nerves dissipated.

The music during the class was truly the best pump-up music. The instructor made me feel motivated rather than intimidated. I felt as if I was working out with friends rather than people I had never met. The range of equipment we used during the class was unbelievable, and I was taught how to use all of it.

At other places that I have been to work out, I have gotten burned out because the classes always consist of the same thing. In the two classes that I took at EverybodyFights, I don’t think I ever did the same thing twice. EverybodyFights offers everything from boxing to training to cardio to even yoga. I was amazed at the versatility of the gym.

When I sat down to talk with Matt, the man who does “whatever needs to be done that day” at EverybodyFights, he lit up with passion. Matt has been a trainer for over 20 years and says that this is the best place that he has ever been at. What he loves about it the most is the sense of community and people that make up the gym.

“We have built a tribe, for lack of a better term, of humans that support each other, keep each other accountable, and are so much more than a gym,” Matt said.

The energy and community at EverybodyFights is contagious. A couple of Matt’s tips for fighting gymtimidation are to remember that most people want to see you achieve, most people are more focused on themselves and aren’t watching you at the gym, that consistency is key.

Go pay a visit to EverybodyFights on 124 Malabu Drive!


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