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Small Ways to Treat Yourself at Home

Updated: May 26, 2020

As businesses begin opening back up, some of us may still not be going anywhere any time soon, so it is still just as important to do small gestures for yourself wherever you can.

As I've been stuck in my hometown for almost two months and jumped straight from school to my remote internship, I've found some small ways to make a big impact on my day-to-day life.

Morning Routine

I have always been a night-shower type of gal myself, just because I enjoy feeling clean right before hopping into bed. And the feeling of warm, dry hair after a shower is A-1. As I've been home and having to build my own schedule from scratch, though, I've found that morning showers get me energized and ready for the day.

Some mornings, I've even done a face mask or teeth whitening strip to really amp up my self-care routine. Those mornings have enhanced the rest of my day immensely simply because I took care of myself before taking care of my other responsibilities.


Right before I head into my dining room to sit behind my laptop all day, I like to make my own coffee. It's easier to drive to a Dunkin' or Starbs, but making coffee at home has made me feel more productive and ready to go.

I use a Mr. Coffee machine to brew hot coffee, then put it in a pitcher overnight so it's enough iced coffee for about a week or so.

I pour the coffee in my favorite Mason-jar mug, pop some ice cubes in, a splash of almond milk, and International Delight's Southern Butter Pecan creamer - the absolute best.

Taking a Break From Work

Every few hours or so, I take a break from whatever I'm working on to paint a little bit, watch an episode on Netflix, scroll through social media, or just go lay in bed.

Taking a mental break, for me, is so necessary. I get really overwhelmed and exhausted from overworking myself, so mini-breaks are very helpful.


Hobbies are another great way to treat yourself. As I mentioned before, painting has been a great way for me to be creative yet productive. It's something solely for me and my state of mind.

I recently found a 500-piece puzzle to do as well, which is a great mini-hobby to fill time away from work. I haven't been on my phone near as much as I expected to be while stuck at home, which I am happy about, because I always have some little side-project to do.


If you know me, you know I'm a sucker, for lack of a better word, for naps! I believe that if you're tired, there is nothing wrong with resting. My toxic trait, however, is sometimes napping for four hours at a time... oops.

Especially when school was still in session, I would work for 5 or 6 hours straight with no me-time in between. This took a toll on me physically and I realized mental breaks - and naps - are vital to your health.

I've never been embarrassed to say I rely on naps sometimes, even though it's an activity some haven't done since pre-school. If you feel tired and need to lay down, do it! I stand by my love for naps and always will!

Due to the craziness and constant stress of these times, you owe it to yourself to treat yourself in any way you can. Not every moment of your day has to be dedicated to working - don't worry, I'm still learning this myself - so set aside "you-time" each day and do something enjoyable, creative, or simply relaxing. You deserve it.


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