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Reality TV Dating Shows to Watch if You Hate 'The Bachelor'

Just like any other girl in her 20s, I LOVE reality TV.

Unlike any other girl in her 20s, I HATE "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." The shows just aren’t something I can really get into and I don’t like that the show is centered around one person. Because of this, I have had to find other dating shows I like in order to fill that void.

Here are a couple of my favorites I have found:

Love Island

I cannot get over this show and I will never stop telling people about it. First off – everybody is British. Before "Love Island," I wasn’t very familiar with British television. It’s the same as any American reality show but somehow so much better.

"Love Island" is about a group of strangers who are all thrown into a house together and are supposed to form connections with each other and hopefully fall in love. Every few episodes the girls or the guys get to individually pick who they want to couple up with. Fans get to vote on their favorite couples and whoever gets the least number of votes or whoever doesn’t get picked to get coupled up with gets dumped from the island.

I have never been attached to people from a TV show as much as I have with "Love Island." The contestants seem like they make a very real connection which makes it feel like you know them and you’re watching their love story unfold. The show definitely does not lack any drama, if someone couples up with the wrong person – all hell will break loose.

Are You the One

"Are You the One" is more of a traditional dating show but all of the couples are already picked before they even arrive. Before coming on the show, each contestant answers a questionnaire about what they want in their ideal partner and the toxic traits they find in themselves and in past partners. Based on those answers, the "Are You the One" love experts match them with their “perfect match.”

The goal of the show is for the contestants to find out who their perfect match is. If a couple thinks they have found their perfect match, they get sent into the “truth booth” to see if they really are. At the end of the week, the contestant's couple up and find out if everybody is in the right relationship. Each week they go without any matches, they lose prize money.

I truly don’t think a show has ever given me so much rage. You will be just as positive as the contestants that everybody is in the correct couple. Then you find out they aren’t and you just want to go in there and help all of them be with the right person.

If you like shows filled with drama that you literally HAVE to binge-watch I highly recommend these shows. You won’t want to wait for the next episode.


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