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Pursue a Mission, Not a Position

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"What is your dream job?"

I used to answer these two questions with a single occupation, but looking back at my responses to these questions, I didn't explain why I wanted to enter a field or profession. From this realization, I think of my future in terms centered around a mission that goes beyond a title or occupation. A mere title doesn't necessarily reflect who you are as a person or the moral obligations you live by; only your actions and willpower will echo the sentiments you hold.

Receiving promotions and being elevated based on merit or dedication are accomplishments that should always be celebrated! However, we still must ask ourselves one question: How can I use the privilege granted by this opportunity or position to become a change agent with a positive mission?

I don't think the "hierarchy of power" should quantify a person's capability to become a change agent. I believe titles only provide a definition of a role — opposed to what you stand for or a vision you want to implement. Even though a mission can be explicitly stated, the old saying: "actions speak louder than words" still holds. I don't think missions are just limited to words because taking small or big action can certainly attach tangible meaning to your words.

Regardless of what role we find ourselves fulfilling, we can aspire to a mission that looks beyond our interests and desires. We live in a time where pushing for change is normalized and not limited to a select few, a time where we can channel our passion and hopes through multiple mediums. Keep in mind that a mission shouldn't just be carried out in a formal or professional role, but through your daily actions and behavior outside of a role. I want to acknowledge that we are humans that will make mistakes and oversights, but we can use these moments for a point of growth and progress, which can then be transposed to implement change.

The formulation of a mission can be manifested through personal experiences or interactions that are not calculated. As a young person with the hope of a better future, I know my mission will change over time. Due to unforeseeable circumstances and present factors, I cannot tell you what your mission should precisely outline. We are all on unique paths, but I encourage you to create a mission that exercises compassion.


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