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Patterned Pants: The Perfect Pop!

Spring fashion is all about adding an element to make your outfit pop. A pop of color or a pop of pattern are great ways to go. More recently, patterned pants have been making an entrance into the fashion world, and I am here for it. Spring is the perfect time of year for these trends. The sun isn’t too hot, the breeze is perfect, and the temperature is just right for a short-sleeve shirt and awesome pants. Patterned pants can add the perfect pop to an otherwise plain look. Plaid, snakeskin, stripes, stars, and floral are five hot patterns you need to check out this spring!

Plaid can be dressed up or down to look either business casual or even rock and roll. I love the creativity and versatility of plaid pants. Black or gray plaid can be added with a black or white blouse and some booties for a professional, business casual look. Red plaid pants with a dangly belt can give your outfit some rock and roll vibes, perfect for a concert or themed party.

Snakeskin is a popular pattern sneaking its way back in. Snakeskin flared pants can be a sexy boost to your next going-out attire. Finding a matching crop top to coordinate with the pants is a bold look to try for your next night on the town.

Vertically striped jeans are another amazing touch to an outfit, making your legs longer and your outfit spunkier. Any outfit you would normally wear with jeans can be touched up by wearing a striped pair instead. Try it out and watch the compliments line up!

Also on the denim subject, matching a plain white tee with a pair of washed out jeans is a common go-to look. Try adding sew-on or iron-on stars to your next pair of mom jeans for a unique and retro look. For a girls’ night out, a Sunday brunch, or a shopping trip, these jeans can really add some fun to your wardrobe!

Floral pants can make your outfit boho chic which is a perfect trend for spring! Flowy, floral pants with a solid-colored halter or tube top is a comfortable outfit for any occasion. For warm spring days, adding sandals to this outfit will perfectly embrace spring weather!

These five patterns will surely add a fresh perspective to any outfit. Spring is about refreshment and renewal, and what better way to start over than to essentially create a new wardrobe with lots of pops of pattern!


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