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Open your eyes to red flags

Listen, ladies and gents, I know that we all want love and marriage, but let's not ignore those bright red flags. Instead, waive the white flag, and start all over again.

Hear me out — setting boundaries for yourself is the first step to self-love. So, when you start to ignore those bright red flags that your partner or potential partner is showing, you are continuously telling yourself that you do not deserve to be loved the way that you want to be loved. And that is just not true.

There’s no doubt that leaving a long relationship that you have been in is hard. But don’t devalue yourself while trying to uplift someone else's insecurities. You deserve more than that. So keep an eye out for red flags and decide whether or not you are capable of something more. Here’s how to decide if your partner is showing red flags.

Does your partner overlook your thoughts and opinions?

If there's one thing that every couple says is the key to their relationship, it's communication. You must be allowed to express yourself without judgment. And you should be ablee to do so while also being heard. If your partner does not give you the benefit of an open conversation, it's time for you to notice the RED FLAG.

Does your partner leave out key details?

Okay, here's an unpopular opinion for you. If you're telling a story and purposely leave out names, dates and times, it is still a lie. Of course, it can be for the protection of your partner, but then you just became less trustworthy, and we all know trust is necessary for a strong relationship. So the bottom line is all forms of lying (not including surprises) are a RED FLAG.

Is your partner controlling?

Controlling what one wears, eats or says is a major RED FLAG. Remember, you are your best advocate. And it is important that you have the power to control your journey.

I know that this is easier said than done. But the progression of your self-love and setting your own boundaries in a relationship is just as important as your love for your partner. So, if that means waving a white flag every time you notice something outside of your bounds, you are well within your rights to do so.

If there’s one thing you take from this, remember it is important to love yourself just as much as your partner.


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