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No More "Not Yets"

Life can be a weird mix of “good things come to those who wait” and “just go for it.” By that, I mean that I find myself wanting to put things off because I feel as though I could always do it later - whether that be a writing paper, organizing my closet, going out with friends, or even a travel experience. I have also applied this to my professional and educational life and applying for jobs, internships, and leadership positions around the University of Kentucky. I feel like I should be doing all that I can right now to build a resume, network with people, and make life-long friendships and memories. At the same time, an opportunity could be placed in front of my eyes and I may be to busy to realize it.

I think these two ideas balance out our lives at some points, and everything depends on the situation. But when it comes to “no more no yets” I have started to apply it to my everyday life and the traveling part of my life, which was a goal of mine ever since I saw this advertisement in a London tube station. It was an inspiring idea to do the things I want to do while I have the chance. Instead of saying, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow” or “Oh, maybe next year, next summer,” etc. I specifically applied this to my trip I am taking this weekend, to Mykonos, Greece. I was contemplating the trip because of the cost mostly because I do not have a job currently. In the end, I decided that it was so worth taking the risk because of the memories I’ll have once the trip is over. I’m not sure when I will come to Europe, let alone Greece, ever again, so why not do it while the opportunity is there? On top of that, I know I will be working this summer, so using what money I have on travel is well worth it to me. From what I’ve learned, no price tag can be put on travel experiences.

In London, I started saying yes to doing things with friends more after I saw the advertisement because again, I am unsure of when I will have another experience like this one.

Now, I hope this mindset sticks with me for the rest of my life because life is too short to keep saying “not yet!”


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