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My go-to rainy day playlist

I have always been one to associate certain songs with different moods or vibes of a day. Recently, we have been having a lot of rainy days in Lexington, so I decided to make a playlist to fit what I think the "vibe" of a rainy day is like. Most of these songs are alternative with a hint of R&B and a few chill pop songs because I feel like these types of music just perfectly encompass a rainy day. Here are a few of my current favorites to play while hearing that soft sound of the rain tapping my windows.

Hungover Sunday – Christian French Christian French is a newer pop artist that started to produce music back in 2017. This is my personal favorite of his to listen to on those "relax" days because it has a relaxing electric guitar strum throughout the entirety of the song and the lyrics encompass that typical "hungover Sunday" mood.

Touch – Cigarettes After Sex Cigarettes After Sex is an alternative band my roommate recently introduced me to. Their music reminds me of a perfect mixture of Fleetwood Mac, Cage the Elephant and a hint of Lorde. This song is definitely a song that gives you that "main character in a coming of age movie" feeling while listening to it

and is perfect for those relaxing days.

Drive Away – The Brummies This song has been a personal favorite of mine for about two years now. I never knew I needed to hear Kasey Musgraves sing an alternative song until I heard her featured on this one. It has a relaxing beat with amazing harmonies throughout the entirety of the song which is just perfect for the kind of mood I am searching for on a rainy day.

My Future – Billie Eilish I have always been a huge Billie fan ever since I heard her song "Ocean Eyes," but she really outdid herself with this song. It has the relaxing vocals and harmonies of her calming voice but then it picks up in the middle with a fun alternative beat and guitar ballad throughout the rest of the song.

Humming – Turnover Turnover is one of my favorite alternative bands, and their "Peripheral Vision" album is always my go-to relaxing album to listen to. However, "Humming" is my favorite rainy day song because it still has that upbeat tone to it with the relaxing vocals that make it perfect for studying, staying in or just driving in the rain.

Goodie Bag – Still Woozy This is a pop song but it’s not your typical pop like Shawn Mendes or Ariana Grande. This song has an alternative beat and guitar background with some R&B beats and vocals that make it so captivating while listening to it. It has its own unique spin on pop that makes it perfect for those "chill" days.

Lucky – Zeph When I think of relaxing music, I always associate that with calming vocals and acoustics. This song is sung by a new upcoming singer/songwriter named Zeph accompanied by a relaxing beat and acoustic guitar. It is a little more of a sad song but it is a personal favorite to listen to on rainy days.


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