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My Experience At Dry Bar

I had my first Dry Bar experience just a few weeks ago. For three years I had wanted to go and even bought the hair dryer that the company uses. To say, when I had the opportunity to go I was so excited. I knew the minute when my best friends came to visit that we had to go! We hopped in the car and drove the hour to Louisville. Sadly, there isn’t a Dry Bar in my home state. When you go to the Dry Bar, all they do is wash your hair and style it, but the experience is WORTH the time and money.

Once we arrived at the salon, they greeted us and we checked in. We ordered our drinks. I ordered hot tea and water. I was ushered into a room where we each had our hair washed with the Dry Bar products.

They gave me a menu of all the hairstyles they created. There are 9 styles we each can choose. I have such a hard time curling my hair, so anytime I have a chance for someone else to curl my hair, I take the chance. I chose the Cosmo-Tai hairstyle for my hair. After my lady started to blow dry my hair and she put a few curlers in my hair. She also curled pieces of my hair. I was so happy with the outcome!

The entire experience was so relaxing, and the entire staff was accommodating. I loved the entire experience. When I am washing my own hair and styling my hair, it takes me 2 hours to style my hair. The style lasted four days for me, and I did not have to wash my hair for four days. This was very rare for my hair, and so it was so worth it for me. Who knew a place that just washes your hair and styles could bring so much happiness. I cannot WAIT for the new location in Lexington, Kentucky!


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